Pander Terrazzo Tiles Size , Surface and more



  • The listed thickness are the standard available per each size, upon request we can supply all the sizes with thickness up to 3 cm.
  • Upon request we can supply sizes 20×20 cm and 40×20 cm.
  • Upon request we can supply different sizes, so as borders, inserts…
  • The tiles are supplied ready to be installed, calibrated, rectified, beveled on the 4 edges and with the selected surface.


Pander Terrazzo is available in a wide range of surface finishings, suitable for each aesthetic and antislipping requirement:


POLISHED SURFACE  Gloosy surface suitable mainly for indoor floorings


HONED SURFACE  Smooth and matt surface for indoor and outdoor floorings – certified R9 antislipping surface in accordance to the current standards / upon request also R10 antislipping surface

honed ANTIQUED SURFACE  Suitable mainly for indoor floorings – upon request R10 antislipping

sandblastedSANDBLASTED SURFACE Suitable mainly for outdoor floorings – upon request up to R13 antislipping

diamond cutCUT DIAMOND SURFACE  Suitable mainly for outdoor floorings